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Since 2008




New Look
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Make is a different kind of Wall Painting practice

We know that good Wall Painting means good business

Founded by Irfan shaikh jainoddin Established in the year of 2008, New Look Home Solutions are engaged in manufacturing and service providing of Designer Wardrobe, Dressing Table, Kitchen Trolley, Modular Kitchen, TV Cabinet, Modular Kitchen Maintenance Services and much more.

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Our Speciallization

Wall Painting

Apicture or design painted either directly on plastered walls and ceilings or on ca nvas, paper, or some other material that is attached to an architectural surface.

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Polishing wood is an easy DIY project that leaves woods moisturized and protected from the elements and regular wear.

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Duco Paint(Spray Paint)

Duco is a brand marketed by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI now merged with Akzo Nobel) under which it sells its popular Automotive paints.

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Texture Paint

A paint of heavy consistency and coarse grain consisting usually of gypsum and sand with water-thinned binder and used for creating a rough patterned effect on a wall Texture in painting refers to the look and feel of the canvas.

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Water Proofing POP & PVC Fall Ceiling

It is a dream for everyone to own a house of their own, even better when one can witness the foundation being laid and see it take shape in front of them

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